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How it Works

Pin shooting is a competitive sport requiring the participant to shoot bowling pins off a table top using a handgun, shotgun or rifle. At Americana 1800 Adventure Club, we currently use only handguns. The shooter stands 27 feet from the table and uses .22 to .45 caliber semi-automatic or revolver.

Pin position on the table is determined by the caliber of handgun being used. For .22’s the pins are located at the rear of the table, for 9 mm or .38s, the pins are located 16 inches from the back of the table and for heavy center fire calibers like .40 or .45, the pins are located 36 inches from the rear of the table. Five to nine pins in various configurations are set on the tables for each string. Each string has four runs of the same configuration.

The object is to clear the table in the minimum time. The time to clear the table is electronically recorded thus giving the shooter a quantitative measure of his/her progress as their shooting skills improve.

Range commands include calling the shooters to the line. Firearms (unloaded) are brought to the line in a rug or carry bag. Once on the line, the commands are:

  1. “Shooters clear to load and make ready.”
    (Firearms are loaded, sight alignment checked, and grip checked.)
  2. “Shooters Ready. . . Timers Ready.”
  3. “Guns on the rail.”
    (Weapons are held down at 45 degrees in front of the rail.)
  4. <Buzzer Sounds>
    Shooters clear the table by firing until all pins have hit the ground. When the run is finished, the firearm will be cleared, slide open, magazine removed, or the cylinder open. The firearm is laid on the table with the muzzle pointing to the outside corners of the line, leaving the center of the field clear.
  5. “Clear on the left, clear on the right, clear to go forward to set pins.”
    Pin setters will go forward and reset the pins. The shooters will stand clear of the firearms until pinsetters are finished and are begin the firing line. The sequence is then repeated until a total of four runs are completed and firearms have been cleared and placed on the table.
  6. “Shooters, bag your firearms and clear the line”
    Shooters will place their cleared firearms in their carriers and exit the line.

When all participants actively help with the phases required for the shoot, the shoot moves at a good pace and everyone has a great time. For the cost of $5 each, it is a good way to spend a morning. Bring the wives and kids!

Pin Placement Variations

Five in a Row

Five pins are placed in line on top of the table, and shot off the table as rapidly as possible. Timing is stopped when all pins have hit the ground.

Five U

Pins 1 and 5 are placed at the upper ends of the table. Pins 2, 3 and 4 are spaced on the lower rail. The pins must be shot in order 1 through 5. Timing is stopped when all pins have hit the ground.

Five W

Three pins are placed on the upper table at 1-3-5 points. Two pins are placed on the lower rail at 2 and 4 points. The pins must be shot off the table in sequence 1-2-3-4-5. Timing is stopped when all pins have hit the ground.

Double Four

Four pins are placed on the top row and four pins are placed on the bottom row. All pins need to be only knocked over – they do not have to hit the ground. Only 8 rounds can be used in semi-automatic magazines and must have at least one round shot from a second magazine to complete the sequence. Revolver shooters can use speed loaders or a second pistol but must fire at least one round after reloading or from the second revolver.

Five and One

Five pins placed in a row must be shoot off the table prior to shooting a clay off its hanger. Timing is stopped when the clay has been removed entirely.

Fees and Ammo requirements

Fees are paid at sign-in time, $5.00 per person for 1800 members, $7.00 for non-members. See the calendar for times and dates (check-in at 8:45AM, event starts promptly at 9:00AM unless otherwise posted).

Ammo from .22 to .45 lead or jacketed, but no hollowpoint please. For most skilled shooters, about 100 to 150 rounds is sufficient; however the pins may not always act like you would think, defying even the most proficient. So please bring extra just in case.

A set of five pins are shot four times per time to the line. You will come to line four times.