First Sunday of the month at 8:00 AM

NOTE: ALL three (3) bays of Rifle, Pin, and Pistol are used for this match from 7:00 am until at least 1:00 pm. Stage set-up begins promptly at 7:00 am, a Shooter’s Meeting is held at 8:30 am, and shooting begins at 9:00 AM.

IDPA promotes defensive pistol shooting as a sport, using simulated “real world” self-defense scenarios.

You will need:

  • Handgun (centerfire revolver or semi-auto – NO MAGNUM AMMO)
  • Belt Holster or Clip Holster (NO appendix carry or shoulder rigs)
  • Magazines or Speedloaders (3 minimum are required)
  • Magazine Pouches (2 required) and Moonclip or Speedloader Pouches (3 are required)
  • Approximately 80 to 100 rounds of ammunition minimum
  • Comfortable clothes & sensible shoes
  • Concealment garment (a vest or any comfortable jacket or shirt will do as long as it can be draped over the holstered gun and moved out of the way quickly to draw from the holster)

Prerequisites of note:

  1. Participation in this sport requires membership in The International Defensive Pistol Association, the online membership application starts here. Currently IDPA dues are $40 for one year, or $105 for three years. ALL participants must join the IDPA after they have shot their first match. This is in keeping with IDPA HQ, but will help increase the likelihood our shooters have read the rulebook which helps all of us keep the match moving safely and smoothly.
  2. Registration and results are only done through PractiScore for all participants.
  3. We are restricted to a limit of 36 shooters at our matches. 1800 Club members are given priority registration benefits up until one (1) week before the match date; then the public are allowed to register.
  4. ALL new shooters (club members or public) will be required to show proof of having completed an IDPA training clinic with Nate Rollins at 1800 Club or previously at ISI to participate with us.

    Any questions should be directed to Peter at 626-676-7421.

    Events and Match Results

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