1. NRA Safety Rules will be adhered to and are considered to be a part of these rules.

2. To ensure safety, all firearms must be handled with maximum care at all times.

3. No one will be allowed forward of the firing line until ALL firearms are UNLOADED and laid down with actions open and the muzzle pointed downrange.
4. No person shall handle any firearm during a cease fire period.

5. All firearms will be unloaded and either cased or with actions opened when not firing.

6. All firearms are to be pointed in a safe direction at all times.

7. All shooting shall be down range (no cross firing).

8. Steel core / steel jacketed ammo, tracers, incendiary, armor piercing, and shot shell tracer training ammunition are prohibited at all times.

9. Shooting of glass on the range is prohibited.

10. Due to the possibilities of injuries from ricochets and potential damage to club property, magnum, centerfire rifle, high velocity rounds, shotgun slugs or buckshot may not be fired at club steel plate targets. Penalty for violation will be a fine to cover cost of damage and potential loss of club membership.

11. All members shall keep their firearms in the best possible working condition for their own safety and the safety of other members.

12. No one shall handle another person’s firearm without the other person’s permission.

13. Alcoholic beverages shall not be allowed in the shooting area nor will any individual under the influence of alcohol be permitted to enter  the shooting area.

14. Eye and ear protection is required while on the range whenever firearms are being discharged.

15. The “Acknowledgement of Risk, Release of Liability and Indemnity Agreement shall be signed by guests of the club prior to shooting in matches other than those sanctioned by the National Rifle Association and the Civilian Marksmanship Program. It shall be the responsibility of the Match Directors to ensure that each guest signs the waiver prior to shooting the match.

16. Members or guests conducting themselves in an unsafe manner on the shooting range or interfering with the running of a club-sanctioned event shall be asked to cease and desist by the Match Director or any other member. Upon failure to immediately cease and desist, the offending member or guest will be asked to leave the range. Failure to leave the range or the occurrence of a second incidence shall, at the discretion of the Board, result in forfeiture of membership and barring from the use of club facilities.

17. If the match Director, a Range Safety Officer (RSO) or another member observes unsafe activity by a member, the member should be corrected. If a RSO or the Match Director believes that simple correction is insufficient, and that the unsafe activity may be due to a lack of training or inability, a supervisor should be assigned to work directly with the member for the rest of the shoot. If unsafe activity continues, the member shall be offered separate training and two other RSOs shall be asked to review the situation and summarize their findings to the Range Master.

If the above training and review does not resolve the situation to the satisfaction of the Range Master and/or the Match Director, the problem shall be referred to the Board to make a decision as to the suitability of the member to continue to use the club’s range.

18. With the exception of organized events, members may bring no more than four (4) guests to the club facility at any one time. Guests must be under the direct supervision of the member on a single shooting range at all times. Guests must make room as necessary in the event of the arrival of other club members.

19. Members are responsible for the safety and actions of all their guests, shooters and non-shooters, at all times.

20. With the exception of organized club events or special permission from the Range Master, usage of black powder firearms shall not be used at any time.

21. (NEW) All shooters and participants must adhere to the Range Flag system recently implemented on the rifle and pistol lines. Red flag up means Cold Range/Cease Fire. Flag down means Hot Range/Commence Fire. Details on the flag system are attached as Appendix A. The  Range Flag system is not used on the trap or skeet fields.



RED FLAG UP: Range is cold (CEASE FIRE)



COLD RANGE: When the range is cold (cease-fire), the flag must be raised to indicate a cease fire. Shooters and/or spectators may be either downrange checking or changing targets, or behind the yellow line. No one may be at or near the benches or handling firearms during a  cease fire.

HOT RANGE: When shooters are ready to commence fire, the flagpole is then placed inside the PVC tube, flag side down, indicating a hot  Range. Shooters may then approach the firing line.

USE OF VOCAL COMMANDS: Even with the flag system, shooters should
still vocally call a “cease fire” or “range is cold” and vocally state that the
“range is hot,” or “commencing fire.”

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