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All members and prospective members must be at least 18 years old, of good moral character, and not legally prohibited from possessing firearms. All members and prospective members must be current members of the National Rifle Association. All members must attend two meetings per year, and perform 6 hours of service for the club per year.


In order to join Americana 1800 as a new member, there needs to be an opening. Currently we are at our maximum capacity of 260 members. However, spots frequently open up, particularly around February, when some existing members inevitably drop out. Prospective members may start the application process even if there are no vacancies. Prospective members who have completed the application process will be given priority when spots open.


In order to commence the application process, you must have an existing member as a sponsor. If you don’t know anyone at the club, a good way to get a sponsor is to come to some of our shooting events which are open to the public and get to know some of the members. These can be accessed on our Calendar Page.

Application Process

  1. Attend one shooting event. Prospective members must attend at least one official match (e.g., IDPA match, highpower rifle match, pin shoot, ladies pin shoot, etc.). Attending a skeet or trap session which is set on the club calendar will suffice, even though these are not conducted as competitions. However, the skeet or trap session must be one that is on the club calendar. When you attend this event, you will need to bring your Club Range & Familiarization Form. This form is available for download at the bottom of this page. The Club RSO on duty, or the match director will sign this form, confirming that you have demonstrated the ability to handle firearms safely.
  2. Attend two club meetings. Prospective members must attend at least two club meetings. These can be general membership meetings or work party meetings, which are explained in our Meetings Page. Attending a board meeting will also satisfy this requirement. Board meetings are held at a different location. Contact the club for the board meeting location. Meeting dates and times are on the Calendar Page.
  3. Complete the Application Form. Members must complete the New Member Application Form (which is different than the Club Range & Familiarization Form), is here.
  4. Sign and Notarize the CMP Affidavit. This form is the last of three forms, and is also available on our Downloadable Forms page. This the only one of the three forms that must be notarized, but this requirement is strictly enforced.
  5. Submit the Documents. After completing Steps 1 through 4, present the forms to a Board member along with proof of your current NRA membership. This can be a membership card or a current NRA magazine with the subscription label affixed. After completing Steps 1 through 5, your membership application is complete. If there is a vacancy, you will be directed by the Board to continue on to Step 6. If no vacancies are available, you will be placed next in line on the waiting list. When one opens, you will be contacted about Step 6.
  6. Attend your New Member Meeting. New Member Meetings are your orientation. They are given at the range and last about 90 minutes. They are specially scheduled in groups of several new members at a time.
  7. Initiation Fees. Initiation fees are $325, and this includes your first annual dues payment (annual dues are $125 per year for each following year). After completion of Step 7, you are issued a card, and you are a member.


The two meetings you attended as part of your application process do NOT count toward your requirement as a member to attend two meetings annually. Your new member meeting DOES count toward this. If you attended a work party prior to becoming a member and performed service for the club, these hours DO count toward your 6 hour requirement.